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The flexibility of the CoolCube 10 makes it an ideal choice for cooling temporary installations, either as a primary or a supplemental solution.

Primary Cooling
When a CoolCube is used in a temporary installation for primary cooling, it is usually stored in a closet and rolled out during planned and unplanned shutdowns of the building's air conditioning. The ease of installation and mobility allow users to set up the CoolCube in minutes. The emergency backup offered by the CoolCube provides an inexpensive insurance policy from potentially enormous costs resulting from the overheating of computer equipment, including equipment replacement, lost opportunity and loss of productivity. CoolCubes may also be rented for short periods from distributors across the country.

Supplemental Cooling
CoolCubes are used as supplemental cooling for hot summer months when a building's air conditioning system cannot maintain temperatures that are suitable for computers and other electronic equipment. These applications are ideal for rolling a CoolCube into your computer room to provide the additional cooling required.


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