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The CoolCube may be installed in both permanent and temporary applications, as either a primary or supplemental method of cooling.

Primary Cooling
The CoolCube is often relied on for primary cooling in environments where there is no existing air conditioning available. Typically, when delivering adequate cooling to electronic equipment, CoolCube will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To properly cool people, the CoolCube is often deployed during the hot summer months.

Supplemental Cooling
There are three primary ways that CoolCubes can supplement a building's existing air conditioning system. First, when the building's main system is shut down on nights and weekends, the CoolCube offers an exceptional solution to save money by cooling your electronic equipment and not the entire building.

CoolCube is also an ideal alternative for companies that have expanded and, as a result, generate a heat load that is greater than the capacity of their existing air conditioning system.

Additionally, CoolCubes are frequently installed to provide redundancy and backup to older air conditioner systems that may no longer offer sufficient reliability.

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